How to be admitted

After obtaining the  Prospectus from the Registrar or Principal, decide which programme is best suited to your needs, remembering that each course lays the foundation for the next, i.e. it is necessary to have the Diploma in Theology   or equivalent before considering a Degree programme.

  1. Fill in the  application form giving answers to all the questions. Include with the application form evidence of previous studies, i.e. transcripts, copies of relevant certificates or diplomas.

  2. Get your sponsor to verify the details. A sponsor may be your pastor, church elder or deacon, or if you are under eighteen, a parent. We cannot accept students unless sponsored.

  3. Enclose registration fee of £50 made payable to “Cranmer Memorial Bible College and Seminary”.

If you are accepted you will be notified of your acceptance within thirty days. If for some reason the application is rejected, we will, if deemed appropriate, refund 50% of the above fee.

We are limited as to the number of students we can accept each year because of a shortage of Tutors. Priority will be given to those who are involved in Church work.

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