Aims and Objectives

It is our earnest desire that people fully understand what Cranmer Memorial is and what shapes our thinking.

We want to help Churches by helping those called to serve improve their quality of service through education fellowship and support.

We also want to make it possible for reformed evangelical Christians to deepen and strengthen their faith in order to make them more useful to their home churches.


Our aims and objectives are summed up in five points:

  1. make available to all Christians the opportunity to advance their knowledge of the historic Evangelical and Reformed Christian Faith.

  2. To help establish the Lordís people in their most holy faith. 

  3. To encourage the private study of the holy scriptures and help develop a well ordered devotional life.

  4. To help equip and encourage the Lordís people for witness and service.
  5. To reverse Hosea 4:6  "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:"

It is our overriding aim that Students and Graduates from Cranmer Memorial should be able by the end of their courses to:
  • Demonstrate a good knowledge of the Word of God.

  • Demonstrate a sound knowledge of Reformed Doctrine and Practice.

  • Be able to clearly communicate the Gospel with others in the forms of writing, conversation and public speaking.

Our main Offices, Library and seminar rooms are in Donegall Street. in the centre of Belfast and the Governors,  Rev'd. Tom Boyle and the Registrar Rev'd. Vic Hope  maintain an office in their homes.

In all cases write to or email the Registrar who will set things in motion and will contact you and answer any questions you may have. At "Lindisfarne", Tofts Lane, Horncliffe, Berwick upon Tweed TD15 2XR

As a college we have always been blessed with a teaching faculty consisting of people who have a deep commitment to Christ and to Christian education. None are novices in the work of the Lord; all having many years of pastoral, teaching, missionary and church experience, and all offer their time freely, for this very reason we have been able to keep the fees to a minimum.

In the two photographs below taken in Bexhill on Sea in 2007 and Warrington in 2009 are all six Governors, two graduating Students and a visitor from another College. In the College Fellowship (Yahoo Group) there are more pictures of interest ,Students and Staff , if you want to see more.

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