Course Information and Requirements

ELEMENTARY (Not Currently Offered)

General Certificate of Christian Education(GCCE)

This is ideally suited for Sunday School Teachers and Youth Leaders and others who hold responsible offices in the local church. The course is designed to ensure that church officials have the basic understanding of both the theology and the responsibility that the task to which they have been called entails. This may be seen as an aid to the pastors teaching ministry.

This course does not in any way claim that they are qualified for the work, but simply that they have reached a certain degree of academic understanding. This principle applies to all courses.


The Courses offered at “all levels” in the Prospectus may be taken individually under our certification scheme. The same high standards are required, and according to the Facultys discretion, a relaxation may be made in respect of sponsorship. However, an adjudicator will be required and should be named in the Application Form.

Because of the above relaxation, credits will be audited at 75% of the normal value. Should any student wish to use these at a later date for a higher award, make up studies will be required, along with sponsorship.



(80 Credit Hours) The Courses for study will major on three areas;

Elementary Theology
The Life and Teaching of Christ
Outline of the Bible
Elective or electives according to credit hour availability.


(80 Credit Hours) This course of studies will be selected according to previous experience, majoring on educational aspects. A compulsory Bible Outline Study Course is included in this programme.

ASSOCIATE of THEOLOGY A.Th. (Not currently offered)

This is an intermediate award designed for students who have allowable credits from other Colleges, but who do not have sufficient Reformed background studies to enable them to immediately enter a  Degree  programme.



(60 Credit Hours) This will major on Theological subjects.


(60 Credit Hours) This will major on Pastoral and Church History.


(60 Credit Hours) As above, but with emphasis on education issues.

BACHELOR OF ARTS  (Not currently offered)

(60 Credit Hours) This is a none specialised Degree covering a selection of subjects the choice of subjects being made according to the students own requirements.


PLEASE NOTE: Elementary Greek is a basic requirement for all of the following Degrees, this is in addition to the set programme of studies. If Greek has not been included in previous studies an addition of at least 16 Credit Hours must be allocated to Credits required for the Degree. The programme of studies for each Degree are to be selected from the recommendations given under each heading.


An Independent Research Project (IRP) will be required complete with a research Thesis of no less than 30000 words. A Dissertation of 20000 on a specialised subject and a set reading programme is required to be completed before graduation.


(45 Credit Hours) Majoring on Theology.


(45 Credit Hours) Majoring on historical/pastoral subjects.

MASTER OF ARTS M.A. (Not currently offered)

(45 Credit Hours) This none specialised Degree covers a selection of none specified subjects. The selection of subjects being made according to the students own requirements. A set reading programme is required to be completed for all degrees before graduation.


LICENTIATE OF THEOLOGY L.Th. (Not currently offered)

The content of the Licentiate programme is dependent upon the Denomination, Local Church, the individual and the College.

FELLOWSHIP OF THEOLOGY F.Th. (Not currently offered)

Fellowship Degrees are dependant upon individual circumstances and at the Faculties discretion.


The college will award higher degrees (Ph.D., and DD) on the basis of a thesis, demonstrating that the student has made a significant contribution to the field of study over a significant period of time. The work submitted must demonstrate that the student is an authority in his field and has been involved in major innovative developments in that field.

Candidature is open to graduates who have satisfactorily completed the Masters Degree.

A programme of studies will then be arranged between the student and Faculty, tailored to individual needs. Such a programme will necessitate comprehensive reading and research into a specialised subject of contemporary Christian importance.

Material submitted for these degrees must represent the student’s own original work. The college does not place a limit on the length of theses but advises that these should not normally exceed one hundred and fifty thousand words. All such work must have received the faculty’s prior approval that the thesis being submitted meets with the colleges approval.

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