Former Principal Professor R.E.L Rodgers

Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary


Awarded for Distinguished service to Hungary


The Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary (Hungarian: Magyar Köztársasági Érdemrend) is the highest State Order of Hungary. Founded in 1991, the order is a revival of an original order founded in 1946 and abolished in 1949.  The civil division is divided into six classes of merit,  The highest class, ( the Grand Cross with Chain,) is only awarded to heads of state.

For over 15 years Bob has devoted much time to Hungarian Higher Education.

He established the first Department of Christian Studies in any former Communist country and was also appointed head of a Department of English Language and Literature. Part of Bob's achievements included the creation of an online university which was first registered in 2002 as The Kings Christian Research Institute. He also has arranged for several students to study in the West for higher degrees and has been deeply engaged in humanitarian work in Hungary.

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