Principal's Office

Our Philosophy

Colleges should, we believe, be geared to the needs of both student and the local church rather than to the desires and ambitions of a college faculty. Learning, which is for many, very hard work, should never be viewed as drudgery, but rather something that is enjoyable; in our case it is the enjoyment of learning about Almighty God.

All too often spiritual things are picked up by the average Christian in a very casual manner, the result being that one receives a mixture of ideas and theological concepts which are not always in accordance with Godís Word, and are often contrary to the doctrines and thought of the historic Christian faith. Such a way of learning, particularly about the things of God is not only unsatisfactory and dangerous, but gives rise to some of the many problems within todayís Church. Therefore a Biblical and systematic way of learning of the things of God has a great deal to offer.

 Our overall objective is that of excellence in Christian education, and a vibrant, modern college, we are continually looking at and upgrading the courses of study  we offer.

Since the earliest days fees and charges have been kept deliberately low, this was to allow anyone, so moved, to be able to easily afford to take courses. This was made possible by all our staff members being volunteers and unsalaried, most being ministers or retired ex-ministers,  indeed most have borne expenses in order to make the college possible down the years, and view it as part of their ministry.The college could not have continued without the wholehearted vision of those who have co-operated over the decades to provide a way forward for those who had doors slammed in thier faces.

We see our natural constituency as being those reformed evangelical Christians who have passed the usual college entry age, or who lack various entry preliminaries.  We take our place amongst those who believe in "open education". We have not sought accreditation from theologically liberal sources, but have, for the students sake, obtained non-compromising accreditation sources from the U.S.A., and will continue with  this policy. We will cooperate with similar colleges as ourselves, and other sound reformed schools, colleges, and universities when and where we can, to further the quality and value of our awards.

It must be clearly set out by us that we are not a business nor are we in competition with other colleges to get "our share"of students. Definately not !  We are a co-operative of Ministers and Elders who have seen a need and responded to meet it.  We hope today that CMBCS is equiping men and women for service in the Church of Christ, that will be our enduring testimony.

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